Professional Studies (non-credit)

As the preeminent national and international leader in education for justice, our core mission is to provide quality professional education, and training to professionals in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Intelligence, Emergency Services, and Fire to ensure that those who are charged with our safety and security receive the best and most up-to-date training in response to current events.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Division of Professional Studies provides training and education on a variety of topics: Undercover Operations, Intelligence, Forensic Science, Cyber-Security, Homicide Investigations, Interviewing and Interrogation, Sex Crimes, Digital Forensics, Counterterrorism, and Managing Emotionally Disturbed Persons for Police, Hostage Negotiations (HNT), Emergency Services (ESU), ect.

In collaboration with John Jay Online, the Division of Professional Studies now offers 100% online training and certificate programs. Please visit our website for information on courses, requirements, and enrollment.